Quick update on how we will work

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Happy Dusshera – from the team at Capitalmind Wealth, we wish you a wonderful festive season ahead!

Here’s a quick update from the trenches. We received a few questions, and we hope to answer them:

When will Capitalmind Wealth start operations?

We’re hoping to launch for early customers by mid-October. What’s happening is:

  • We have to finally ink deals with custodian (IL&FS) and our preferred broker (Zerodha).
  • We are finalizing costs — our management fees, custodian and brokerage charges. Our hope is to keep total costs less than 1.5%.

Once this is done, we can start full fledged portfolio management operations. Given this is holiday season, this is taking a little longer than we thought. Please bear with us.

What Will Capitalmind Do?

We wrote a long article on approach a while ago: Take Control, Invest Actively.

This is the cornerstone of Capitalmind Wealth. We will invest actively for you.

Investing isn’t about just saving forever and putting it into stocks or fixed deposits. It’s about securing your future. There are things about the future that you need to lock down – the fact that you need to plan for retirement to live a long, happy and healthy life. The fact that you need savings for your children’s education. That you will need those wonderful holidays. And that you need to account for these costs going up over years due to inflation.

Here’s how we will help you do this:

  • Goals: We help you identify your goals and how much you’ll need at various points in your life.
  • Strategy: We apply appropriate risk analysis to allocate to debt (low risk) versus equity (high risk) for each of your goals. We’ll now tell you how much you need to save, which is a combination of a corpus today and monthly savings in the future.
  • Tactics: Our technology helps us allocate wealth to stocks and debt, keeping all your goals in mind while we balance allocations through a proprietary cruise-control technique.

We’ll help you personalise your allocations. We’ll adapt to markets as they fall and rise. We will stay tax-optimised with low churn. And ensure you continue to live inspired, doing what you really want to do.

We will provide more details on the specifics over the next few days, but do feel free to ask us more questions . We love doing what we do, and we thank you for your patience as we get the show on the road.

Happy Holidays, folks!