Introducing Capitalmind Wealth!

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We have just received our Portfolio Manager License from SEBI! (Registration no: INP000005847)

Capitalmind Wealth is Capitalmind’s portfolio management service. We will soon be able to sign you up as a client, manage your savings, invest it on your behalf into equity and debt, while offering you complete transparency on what we do and how your investments are doing.

We want to help you worry less. About that cash corpus you need for a long retirement. About how much you’ll have to save to educate your children. For those holidays you want every year till you’re 75. For making new things happen which you didn’t think possible.

Capitalmind Wealth will help you target these goals, and with the power of technology, take you there. Our stock discovery skills, combined with regular disciplined investing, automated allocation to risk and strong money management strategies will give you the best way to watch your money grow.

Oh, and we’ll be super efficient at costs. More details in a while, but here’s a deal: No entry or exit fees. No performance fees in the next three years. An affordable management fee. We’ll allow you to manage risk yourself so you can be “safe” in one goal, and “aggressive” in another. We’ll do the complex math of analysing inflation, growth, sectors and stocks, and tell you what matters: Are you on track to reach where you want to be?

We require a minimum investment of Rs. 25 lakh; these are SEBI mandated minimums.

A key learning from the work at Capitalmind, and from our Premium members is the need for two ways for us to serve you:

  • Help you learn to invest (“Do it yourself”)
  • Take it further and actually execute transactions (“Do it for you”)

Capitalmind Premium will continue to serve you to help you do it yourself.

Capitalmind Wealth is built to do it for you. We are SEBI regulated, and remain honest, transparent and open.

Super-excited about making this take shape!